one of the things I always wish I would dedicate more time to – or any time at all – is this site. it’s always been a random, rarely-attended-to mix of travel posts, food, and whatever is inspiring me, but its good to look back, notice how my interests have changed, and see what I was doing at the time… i was going through my pinterest last week at and was so surprised at what lurked in the bottom of my “home” board; so interesting how quickly personal tastes and interests evolve.  my single new year’s resolution this year is to abstain from use of disposable cups, but now I’m going to try to give that one some company with my february resolution of writing regular posts.
this past year has been wonderful and amazing in so many ways, that perhaps I will get around to retro-blogging.  there has been change and travel and I couldn’t have asked for a better year. i experienced nicaragua, which now feels like a second home to me after meeting so many locals and seeing the country on a very personal level. i also was able to take a lot of shorter trips over the rest of the year and made a road trip to banff, spent a week in the dominican, explored more of vancouver island, and by way of extended layovers spent time in toronto, seattle and miami. at the moment, i’m mid-ski trip with my mom seeking snow at big white, before finishing the week off at silverstar.
i started teaching yoga and now have my own class – monday mornings at deep cove yogua! – and also relocated part-time to nanaimo to study interior design. i’m enjoying the single life and having no one to answer to but my cat, which is giving me all the time in the world to nerd out on yoga and interior design studies, or to watch house hunters and food network endlessly.

sunset at mt.washington // the dominican replica of rio’s christ the redeemer, mt. isabel de torres, peurto plata // my favorite passenger // mt.maxwell, saltspring // still life attempt/my life in nanaimo // february

life is good.


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