Online Consignment

I prefer to buy my clothes online in most cases.  There are some local stores I love going into but if I’m looking for something specific I’d rather go online than hunt through stores.  Aside from eBay, I never thought of buying used clothes online.  Today I came across the online designer consignment shop VAUNTE.  The site was started up by two ex-Gilt employees and is based out of NYC.  They carry everything Imageand most of it is designer.  Nothing is super-cheap but you can find great deals.  All the clothes are photographed, and most are modelled.  Newer items also show the markdown comparable to what they would be going for.  Some less expensive pieces might only save you $30, but most are marked down well past 50% and you can expect to find $800 dresses for around the $100 mark.

A lot of it is still out of my price range, but I did find a couple of LBDs for a reasonable price and I’ll definitely keep it in mind for when I’m searching for a new investment piece, or for the day I eventually buy a decent bag or designer jeans.



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