The True Cost of Reuplholstering

I know several very talented, inspiring friends and family members who have tackled reupholstering dining room chairs and sitting chairs.  This is task enough, but what about reupholstering a vintage tufted sofa with piping details?  Many sources caution against attempting sofas unless you’ve got a significant amount of experience under your belt.  So when you come across a $20 couch puke green couch on craigslist with good bones, what are you actually going to spend in the end?

  • Fabric runs from $5-$20 per yard, and prices are by request from most upholstery shops

I like these textured solids from Vancouver’s Maxwell Fabric’s BANFF Collection, price by request


  • Dining room chair seats will take 1 yard
  • Armchairs can take up to 10 yards if back cushions and seat cushions are loose or separate, if not, they can be done in seven yards
  • Give 17-20 yards from textured or solid colour fabric for a sofa, more if using a print or pattern

Meagan McNamara owns a rehab interior design firm in Washington DC.  According to her, “the size, shape, and fabric all weigh in on your final price. But typically for an arm chair you are looking at $250 to $350 and for a couch it can be even more of a range in price anywhere from $600 upward.”



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