Eames Eiffel Chair

eames eiffel chair wooden legs 1

Try finding the name for this on Pinterest… White scooped chair, white shell chair, chair with netted legs, architecturally styled chair.  If I know anything at all about design, especially interior design, it should be given that I know of Ray and Charles Eames, or at least their eponymous chair.  However, I shouldn’t feel too uninformed after Vanity Fair recently referred to the husband and wife duo as brothers.  …I only know this from Eames Demetrios’s, the grandchild of the designers, TED Talk in tribute to the creative duo.

The Eames Eiffel chair, originally designed in 1948, was an entry in The Museum of Modern Art’s – MoMA– International Design Competition.  After it’s success it came to be the first industrially manufactured plastic chair. Charles and Ray Eames believed that “design is a method of action,” and their work evolved constantly as new materials became available.  Originally created in fibreglass, Herman Miller, the initial distributor, reintroduced a polypropylene model in 2003 which I’ve noticed increasingly in blogs and design magazines.  I love the architectural details of it in combination with the classic mid-century modern design.Eames Eiffel chair, designed in 1948.


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