You Won’t Believe It’s IKEA

This is just stunning.  For the 2014 Canadian Interior Design Show in Toronto, IKEA showcased a luxe 18th Century France-style kitchen featuring 4 chandeliers, stainless steel hood ranges and their new LIDINGO grey cabinetry.  In their showcase they also exhibited a dressing room and glamorous gold-tiled washroom with a floating white vanity. PHOTOS: Domaine Home Advertisements

Obsessive Consumption Series

There’s something totally genius about creative projects based around everyday life occurrences, and this is exactly that.  Kate Bingaman-Burt first started her ongoing Obsessive Consumption series in 2002, photographing everything she purchased until 2004.  In 2006, she began to draw everything she bought with a black pen, listing it’s price and date.  She also drew her… Read More Obsessive Consumption Series