Friday Wants

Who know’s when I’ll buy into the real estate market but it feels like it’s approaching and one of my goals for 2014 is to purchase a fixer-up condo in Victoria.  The only thing holding me back is the desire to get into a new city.  That aside, my current down time hobby is researching the Victoria real-estate market and online window-shopping new kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and living room furnishing and decor.  I’m all about simple-chic/luxe living areas, farmhouse kitchens, minimalist bedrooms and spa-like bathrooms with an underlying theme of modern shabby-chic.  Let’s share my lookbook of room-by-room inspirations.

Want ONE: Seagrass Wallpaper for Bath

Want TWO: Working off my post Colour, Colour, Colour and going back to the fuchsia theme, I’m still crazy over a cozy, cordoned-off living area including mustard, charcoal and fuchsia with stacks of books, layers of throws, pops of colour and warmth and luxury everywhere.

Want THREE: basically my current bedroom, grey and white, bed, side tables, wispy curtains and nothing else. Complete minimalist.


And then want FOUR: working completely off of my mother’s plans for her new kitchen and going for modern farmhouse – clean lines, poured cement floor, white cupboards, chunky brushed nickel hardware, farmhouse sink:

Oh and the last one: taxidermy in EVERY room.  Is it possible to make this want classy?



Happy Friiiday!


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