Colour Colour Colour!

From browsing living room layouts and decor on a regular basis for the past two months I have developed a strong love for rich, bold colour.  it’s quite apparent from my grey-on-grey paint schemes and head-to-toe grey outfits (I’m currently wearing one) what my favourite colour is.  I’ve always done neutrals in everything from my clothes to my furniture to the walls.  The only thing that actually has colour is my red Jetta, which I would have preferred in charcoal – what else is new.  So in browsing living rooms the ones that stood out to me were painted and accented in rich hues – deep green, rich colour, and -my absolute favourite- vibrant fuchsia.  I love the juxtapose in these of the neutrals and darks being offset by the paint scheme.  I’m not in the mood for painting projects until my next move but they’re definitely on the wish list.



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