Moroccan Cocktails

My friend is hosting a Moroccan themed dinner party tonight so it’s a perfect opportunity to experiment with cocktails!  When I think Morocco I think ginger, mint, cumin and rich contrasting spices.  I browsed a number of cocktail recipe sites and downloaded a few free cocktail apps – none of which I’m going to recommend.  Most of what came up was mint  – mint tea with vodka, vodka cocktails with mint…  I couldn’t find anything fun with the contrasting flavours I had in mind.

What then came to mind was a lovely rye-ginger cocktail Gill had at Shelter Restaurant – one more shout out to Shelter and they’ll have to sponsor me.  I reinvented it with a honey-rye-ginger-egg white-lemon juice blend, shaken on ice, strained into a cocktail glass and topped with soda.  Extra ginger.  How nice would a ginger sugar rim be?  Or a ginger swirl garnish.  Ginger has so many options!  This is the first ginger cocktail I’ve made, and it was excellent timing with this head cold I’ve come down with.

To make:Food Pitcher Cocktails Lemonade in Bloom

  • 2 parts rye
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 1 tsp fresh grated ginger
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 egg white
  • soda water
  • mint leaves to garnish

For a pitcher:

I marinated the fresh ginger with the rye through a tea strainer for an hour – you can get away with less but I had the time.  I combined all the ingredients in the pitcher, swirled to mix, then topped with ice and soda.  Mint sprig and lemon wedges to garnish.  It was important to mix all the ingredients before adding ice so the honey would combine and not harden into a lump.  I also omitted egg whites for the pitcher, I feel like that should be reserved for individually made cocktails.

photoI was so happy with how this cocktail turned out I took it a step further and made a fresh ginger syrup to substitute the honey.  The boiling process made the syrup better infused with the ginger and made for a stronger taste.

After a week of coughing and sickness this cocktail has become my evening go to… make that afternoon.  Enjoy!!




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