Living Room Re-Design

I’m obsessed with our home, but for the first four months here, there didn’t seem to be anything we could do with the awkwardness of the living room.  It’s a connection point for every room, so it functions as a hallway most of the time.  There are also 8 different walls to work with in the room because of the weird angles; a blocked off door in the centre wall behind the couch; as well as a crawlspace entrance adjacent to the only spot for a couch.  All that in a room of about 150 ft sq.  Hmm.. not to mention the pastel green on the walls.

our living room to-do list:

  • colours & painting
  • buy new couch
  • sell old couch
  • buy new lamp
  • sell old lamp
  • build small ottoman/coffee table
  • find a wall covering for the awkward door
  • find a spot for the new art
  • find new rug
  • new side table

So our New Year’s project ended up re-designing the living room.  I actually finished painting it at 1 am after ringing in the New Year. Sorry upstairs folks.

After scouring Benjamin Moore’s 3,400 colours and Sherwin Williams’s 1,500 for the right grey or green I finally decided on Benjamin Moore’s Sea Haze 2137-50, a multi-faceted neutral with grey, green and blue tones.

Sea Haze

It turned out really well and it changes a lot with the lighting.
Next was the couch… We’d been obsessed with the Durango from Urban Barn for a couple of months and kept going back to deliberate over it.  While we were away it went on sale and the whole time we were gone I kept talking about this couch.
Anyway, we got back from Hawaii and after sixteen hours of travelling – Maui to Bellingham to Vancouver to home – I walked in the door to the dream couch sitting in my living room.  gill had ordered it right before we left and arranged to have it delivered while we were away.  So she can stay.
With the money we – as in she – saved on the couch we went back to Urban Barn to lamp shop.  After consulting our salesperson, we left the store with a fixture totally different from anything we would have thought of putting it.
I was sure we’d end up returning it but once it was set up in the room it worked.
The last main to-do was finding a way to cover the eye-sore of a door behind the couch.

idealhome2 image

I’d been yearning to recreate this Pinterest piece of inspiration.
I love the idea of maps and nautical charts and I wanted to do a collage of charts or a large map.  I had looked through bookstores for maps I could use but they were all road maps and were folded in a million places.  At the end of an unsuccessful IKEA trip, we walked in the print section and right in front was a huge 9*4 world map on canvass.
I’m just wishing I had taken before pics to do a before and after but I didn’t think that far ahead.
There’s our finished product… But a home is never really finished.

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