morning routine

There is no better part of my day than when I have just woken up, the cats have been fed and aren’t harassing me, I have a vanilla almond milk latte and can sit down an browse the Remodelista and Apartment Therapy blogs.  Ten minutes later I generally realize I’m going to be late and havent even washed my face but it’s nice while it lasts.

This is the N House, in Oita, southern Japan. Designed by Architect Sou Fujimoto, this three-shelled box connects the inside to the out with skylights and windows throughout , while keeping the living areas private with his multiple box design. The outer shell is the outdoor living area, the middle houses common areas, while the inner box keeps the sleeping areas and kitchen private.

Sou Fujimoto N House

While writing this post, I stumbled upon Gardenista, Remodelista’s cultivation sister. – does that sentence work?

On those pages, I found this beauty of an architectural feature:

Zelkova and Camphor Tree

Again in Japan, this house in Kagawa is designed to feature two trees that were chopped down and moved inside that now support the ceiling.

This I love more than anything I’ve seen before.  I’m thinking those in a minimalist open concept great room… For my one-day house.


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