Vacay Week

Another day of buses to get up to West Maui where we had a condo rented in Kahana for a week.  The first bus trip was an adventure, the second just took up a lot of my time.  But so exciting to get to a place with a kitchen!  We’ve been keeping to our clean eating at much as possible while away and avoiding flour, refined sugar, dairy and processed food… So after a week of lettuce wraps, Lara bars and fruit, I was quite excited to barbeque, have full salads,  and eat actual meals.  Our first night, we made a big steak and potato dinner and sat around playing cards with our friend from home who we were sharing our condo with.

The complex is across the road from the beach, has two rock hot tubs with sand bottoms, a kid pool, a big BBQ area, a tennis court and a main pool with two waterfalls.  The building is pepto-bismol pink and right out of the ’70s, but I love it.

Kahana doesn’t have a remarkable beach, just a good strip of sand for laying out on.  The water is murky with a rock bottom so it’s not the best swimming or snorkeling.  Murky water freaks me out also… So I had difficulty swimming there.  The closest nice beaches are Napili and Kaanapali which are both about five miles away.  The closest grocery store -Times- is at least 2 miles.  So we rented hybrid bikes for getting around and they were worth every one of the 8000 pennies we spent per bike.  Hawaii, why must you charge so much?

The first morning, we biked North up Lower Hanoapiili rd to Napili and Kapalua.  The road was fun, really windy with rolling hills.
In the afternoon/evening we snorkelled at Black Rock.  The only snorkelling I’ve actually done has been in the Saanich Inlet, so tropical snorkelling was a big deal for me.

I got pretty excited about turtles…

We took the golf course route to get back to the highway and got yelled at for it.  Ridiculous that golf carts and cars are allowed when bikes aren’t…


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