Detox Food

After 12 days of avoiding sugar, flour, wheat, alcohol, fermented products, yeast and mold, we finished the Wild Rose D-Tox. It was such a good experience to do a cleanse with a strict diet. At the end I had no desire to eat a rich dessert, processed food or a big loaf of bread. I want to continue the diet as long as possible and continue exploring new recipes and ingredients to substitute the less nutritious ones.

The diet has so many options that once you have a good stockpile of acceptable ingredients, it was easy to plan meals, drinks and snacks. Our staples meals were sushi, thick soups and curries on brown rice or quinoa, salads and hummus.

One can chick peas
One can white kidney beans
Olive oil – enough to create right consistency
2-4 cloves garlic – locally grown. Chinese garlic is prevalent in stores, but absorbs toxic cadmium from the polluted soil.
Parsley or cilantro
Desired spices – I use a lot of hot spices, hot sauce and curry

Blend until desired consistency in a food processor

Mexican Black Bean Soup
Gluten free and vegan

Four cups black beans
Enough water to form thick soup
Chili powder
Desired herbs and spices

1). Soak dried beans over night in boiling water, using of a ratio of 1:4, as the beans will soak in a lot of water
2). Bring to a boil on the stove, adding enough water to over the soaked beans
3). Boil until beans are soft, then add desired spices.
4). Blend with a hand blender until smooth
5). Serve as a soup or a as a sauce over brown rice, quinoa, or choice grains, and garnish with a sprig of cilantro

Quinoa Sushi:
Sushi nori seaweed paper
Crab, fisher imitation crab
Vegetables of your choice
Bragg soy sauce
Powder wasabi

1). Cook quinoa until light and fluffy
2). Spread onto sushi nori while hot and add filling
3). Roll and cut while hot
4). Mix powdered wasabi with water to form paste for condiment

We lived off these three recipes and variations of the three, which made for filling, easy meals that were easy to make.

Foods that were good to have on hand in case of cravings were whole grain, flour free crackers, rice cakes, food should taste good multigrain chips, almond butter- really satisfied cravings for sweets, berries, avocados, and definitely almonds.

I used a lot of kale as a leafy green, which was more filling than lettuce or spinach. This kale salad was easy to whip up:

Kale Salad:
Sunflower seeds
Grated carrot
Grated beet
Diced cucumber

Wild Rose friendly vinaigrette- used this on all my salads:
One part olive oil to one part lemon juice
Salt and pepper
(Optional) Finely chopped herbs – basil or cilantro

Kale chips:
Preheat oven to 350
Separate leaf from stalk and spread evenly on baking sheet
Sprinkle with olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper
Bake until crispy
Use as a garnish or eat plain as a snack.


6 thoughts on “Detox Food

  1. It is truly amazing how much our body and taste buds reset themselves when we cleanse. After doing a cleanse my taste buds become alive and I am able to sense flavors in whole foods that I could not previously! Great recipes! Thanks!!

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