Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox


After a month straight of parties throughout December and all the booze, food, and dessert that goes with that, my body needed a cleanse. I’d been using the Wholy Tea herbal detox throughout the Christmas season without following a proper diet, so I decided to pick up from that and do the 12 day Wild Rose herbal detox program. It comes with supplements to clear out the body, and follows a strict diet of whole food in its natural form including domestic fruit, veg, whole grains, and some allowance for acid forming foods such as meat.


My girlfriend decided to do it with me so we restocked the kitchen with acceptable cleanse food and bought two packs of the supplements. The first couple of days we were so hungry until we figured out wholesome, filling recipes to keep us going throughout the work day. Mexican black bean soup on quinoa or brown rice for lunch or dinner is really hearty and we’ve had about five times this week. We also have been doing a lot of vegetarian sushi made with quinoa – white rice is allowed but its part of the acid forming 20%. We figured out a recipe for curry that is flour and dairy free to switch things up.

Before we started I read a lot of blogs of others who had down the cleanse. Most people said they felt awful either for 12 days straight or between day 3 and 5. Besides being hungry the first couple of days, I’ve felt better than normal this entire time, with so much energy. I’ve been needing only seven hours per night, down from my usual nine and I don’t feel lethargic in the morning or during workouts.

I spent a weekend with my family over days 7-9 and realized how underprepared I was without bringing fresh veggies and almonds to snack on. Plus with wine flowing as it usually does, I had ridiculous wine cravings all weekend… Until I gave in a had a couple of beers- so not worth it. The cleanse gods highly recommend not having any alcohol during, so on top of feeling so guilty about it, it also made me feel very sick at the time and the next morning… Oops.

So a few more days to go and then we’re going into a 2 or 3 day Master Cleanse until we arrive in Hawaii where it’ll be all fresh tropical fruit and a lot more alcohol.

Recipes will follow in the next post.
Happy cleansing.


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