I have the most uneven skin – dry cheeks and sides, an oily tee zone, and terrible neck neck and chin breakouts. Ive tried everything from antibiotics to proactiv with only minimal results.

I found the Clarisonic on Pinterest the other day and spent the last few days researching it. This little device promised clear, smooth skin, with fewer breakouts and even skin. All the reviews were positive, so I picked up a Mia2 from Sephora after scouring eBay for days for a better deal.


The first time I used it, my face felt really clean, not over washed. I used two cycles of the timer – which you’re not supposed to do- on the fast setting and it still didn’t feel like I had over exfoliated. My toner sunk right into my skin and the moisturizer went on really smoothly.

I’ve been using it twice a day for a week now and I notice a huge difference in my skin. I read of some people having worse breakouts and dryness while getting used to it but it evened out my combination skin which is now clean and glowy. My makeup sets much better and at the end of the day it all comes off. No more makeup residue coming off with my toner!


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