health soup

i’m currently in the middle of making a big pot of health soup. it’s more of a vegetable boil than a soup; just one big pot – too big to ever get through – full of vegetables simmered with hot spices and a little chicken stock. i love one pot meals for keeping all the nutrients from being poured off, and this has so many vegetables in it that it is full of health. i added orzo to thicken it today and it cooked down to being more an an orzo dish than a pasta. that might make my girlfriend try it but probably not…


i wanted to try grilled chèvre stuffed figs with prosciutto but did them with bacon instead. so good! the first flavour is the saltiness of the bacon, followed by the fresh & creamy chèvre and then the warm fig. i hadn’t even tried figs before – well, excluding fig newtons- and i loved them with this combo. not to sweet and a little oily. i tried these as an appetizer and then made them again the next day for breakfast.


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