road trip

the western america road trip!roadtrip.

we’re still 22 days away from beginning our 2 month road trip through the states but its finally close enough to start thinking about leaving.

after an amazing but very rushed 11 day trip from Victoria to San Diego last year, we decided to go back for more this fall.  over 6 to 8 weeks we’ll travel down the Washington, Oregon, California coast; then go inland through Nevada, up to Las Vegas, then into Utah and then back up into the Rockies.  Back in Canada, we’ll go to Banff and then drive through BC to our lovely home on Vancouver Island.

forming the supplies packing list is a delicate balancing act between overpacking and making sure you have the essentials.  besides clothing and toiletries, there is all the cookware, the camping gear, the bikes and boards and accessories…  i would probably bring everything i own if i weren’t careful.


  • pot & pan
  • cutlery
  • dishes
  • stove
  • fuel
  • soap
  • scrub brush
  • tent
  • foamy
  • duvet & blankets or sleeping bags
  • headlamps
  • lamp
  • books
  • pillows
  • tarp
  • lantern + batteries
  • bikes
  • surfboards
  • wetsuits????? – i really don’t want to deal with a heap of damp neoprene for 2 months
  • towels
  • inner tubes
  • allen keys
  • heavy duty bike lock
  • thule storage box
  • board straps
  • sunscreen & aloe
  • iPad & phones
  • travel insurance
  • bike pump
  • surf wax + comb

all this on top of clothing… packing light might be a struggle.


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