The Things We’ll Do to Save $20

We kayaked over to Sidney Spit for my friend’s birthday camping trip this weekend. The little water shuttle won’t stop putting up its prices so we protested by kayaking across the channel to the Spit. I’ve always wanted to get over there on my own but thought it would take hours. There’s also so much traffic in the channel I just assumed we’d get run over by a sixty foot yacht.
Our paddle took just over an hour on the way there and about an hour and a half back with the current. There was a lot of boats going through on our way over but everyone slowed down and kept out of our way.


Over on the island we paddled across the mud flats where the water was just a foot deep. There were so many flounder and bullheads over there… Nice to see when there are a lot less fish on the Sidney side.

The weather was amazing, finally it was hot. I was in and out of the water all day and stayed in my bikini until the sun went down!


Had a nice little beach fire, roasted some smokies and had some Okanagan White Grape cider – my new fave! It’s drier than it used to be, it’s sulfate free and it’s almost local!






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