Sunday Ramblings

Sundays… I never know what to do with them, and usually spend them alone. Like most people, I use Sunday to catch up on my week, get ready for the next one, clean the house and maybe start a new project. Seeing as its Canada Day I’m going to use it to get ready to host a few people for drinks before we head downtown.
My to do list:
Plan outfit
Paint nails
Clean house
Buy mixers
Scour Pinterest for ideas
Go for a run

Drink ideas for the night:
Going with a red, white and vodka theme, here are some drink ideas for the night…

Strawberry Cranberry Vodkas
a simple Canada Day vodka cooler
Chop 1.5 cups of strawberries, add to pitcher
Add 1 cup of ice
Pour in 6 ounces of vodka
Fill pitcher with cranberry juice


Red and White Shooters
One part vodka
One part cran
Top with one part sourpuss
optional swirl with whipped cream and top with a berry


And lastly…
My own Canadian mojito!
Muddle fresh mint leaves with simple syrup in martini shaker
Add ice
Free pour some vodka – or white rum if you want to be traditional
Add equal parts either raspberry cordial, cranberry concentrate, or cherry concentrate and shake
Pour into glass and top with soda
— or… Shake after the vodka and top with a raspberry soda.


I’ll be back with backyard decorations and party ideas as they happen.
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